♥ Rihaam's GRAFFITI ♥

☻This Gallery shows many outstanding art works made from awesome artists...

A pencil on a wheel. I WISH! Getting chased by delicate flowers! This amazing art piece was created by Panto'nio, Galeria de Arte Urbana ☻
Birds and birds and just BIRDS! Well, what's better than these beautiful creatures bringing light to the city! This piece of art work was created by Jose' Carvalho and kruella d'Enfer.
Snails are known as SLOW creatures but when you look at this piece of art it makes you think everyone is good at something... including snails even if they're slow. This was made by Mosaik etc...
Robot and human can work together to be amazing people. Two different people can make a MASTERPIECE! This graffiti was created by Pixelpancho Galeria de Arte Urbana.
Cats hate water, but who says foxes don't... this amazing MASTERPIECE was created by Klit... called Natureza Viva
This truly is a 'Never Ending Story' Aand that's what it's called, it was created by Martin Whatson.
This is another angle of the 'Never Ending Story' created by Martin Whatson.
Who says kids are too young to do AWESOME pieces of art.. well here is an example of a little kid drawing.
This is an INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE piece of 3D art work created by a keen artist Insa... this is an out door project ♦
Credits: All media
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