Yatziri Salgado's  Shape Gallery

This image shows an example of gradiation shapes because of the fact that they are two-dimensional; but, the artist drew them to make it seem as if they were popping out at you.In this image the artist included another shape element which was the negative space. because the space around the positive space has a bright vibrant mustard yellow. This choice of color makes the viewers notice that part first rather than the positive space
This image shows an example of curvilinear shapes because of all the curvy lines that make up the tulips.The curvilinear lines that make up the tulips gives this image a gloomy feeling because it looks like the tulips are dying.
This image shown here is an example of a rectilinear shape because of the shapes that are made up of straight lines and sharp angles.Another type of shape that this image is representing is a geometric shape because there are distinctive shapes that can be observed in this image.
This image is an example of a low definition shape because the details arent very sharp. You can hardly identify where the water in the glass raises up to, unless you look really close into it.
This artwork shows an example of a high definition shape because of the clear vibrant colors you can see as you glance at the photo. Also the details are easily noticed based off its clarity of the image.
In this piece of artwork I notice a variety of types of shapes. First off I notice the positive figure which is the singer with the dress on because of its dramatic effect on the upper body of the singer.Another example of a shape is a little bit of low definition because of the swaying motion the artist created by adding some blurriness.
This artwork shows an example of nonobjective shapes because it simply shows shapes that aren't trying to represent something relating to real life or the real world.
This piece of work represents an organic shape because there shapes that create a scene. For example we have a circle representing the moon and triangles with squares creating the tower.
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