Bombing of hiroshima

The bomb dropped on Hiroshima devastated the entire area as well as took tens of thousands of Japanese lives. It continued to affect generations of Japanese after the event due to the leftover radiation. Japanese and Americans had differing viewpoints on the bombing itself, as to whether or not it was the right choice. Japanese viewed the bombing as an act of devastation, as it destroyed their homes and families, while the Americans believed it was an act that saved the country and world from current and future conflicts.

Map of Hiroshima before the atomic bomb was dropped- cities and waterways intact
Map of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped- cities are destroyed and a thick layer of smoke covers the area
The atomic bombs destroyed everything in the area- here is a demolished cable car.
After Hiroshima, being the second bombing, the Japenese couldn't put up with any more war and damage and decided to surrender to the Americans.
American soldiers viewed the bombings as a victory because they believed they ended ongoing conflicts within the country as well as prevented a third World War.
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