The Color Black's Influence On The Melancholy

A collection of art that has a central theme of an emphasis on the color black. All of these pieces have a feeling of melancholy and dread, reinforced with the use of black. By Cory Wilson.

To reinforce the theme right off the bat, I chose a charcoal piece that focuses on a human skull.
Moving on, we come to a piece that focuses on a city that was destroyed during a blitzkrieg in WWII. It features a single man in the center of piece. He is alone.
I was drawn to the use of negative space. Instead of painting a darker figure in the foreground, the artist chose to paint the absence of a figure. Except for the hands. I love the emphasis on black.
A little different from typical artwork. This black dress represents is beautiful and has tons of detail; however, the emphasis on black presents a feeling of melancholy.
I was drawn to this piece because of its uses of lighting. They are all working in a tunnel. Definitely not a happy place.
This piece has very little detail. The main feeling I get from this piece is a sense of sadness. A very dark room.
This piece intrigued me because of the creature it is focused around. It's just creepy. Also no color besides black and white.
I love this piece. It shows a woman praying; however, she doesn't look particularly happy to be doing it. The jagged edges give me a feeling of dread. This is reinforced by the color black.
The next few images are all baroque. Nobody in this painting has a happy expression. They all appear sad. Also the emphasis on the color black really brings the overall mood of the painting down.
The use of the color black is very extensive. The figures in the middle are emphasized due to this. Again nobody really appears happy, they all appear melancholy.
A bit of a different take on the color black. This is a piece of street art by Banksy. It shows a maid sweeping the dirt of the city under a "sheet". It really struck a chord with me.
This piece was just really cool to me. Looking at the focus on black and lack of detail in his face, I would say it reinforces the idea rather than the individual.
This is a piece of asian art. It uses black to outline the trees. Almost like a use of negative space. I get a sense of a depressive forest from this piece.
This piece is called the town; however, the town is not really the focus of this piece. The focus is on the clouds above the town. I view the clouds over the town as a depressive cloud.
Shipping by Moonlight. Why not have the piece shipping by daylight? I feel that artist was trying to show the solitude of being on a ship, away from society through his use of black.
This is a cool abstract piece of art in black and white. I enjoy the emphasis on black.
Another abstract piece. It has some red in it. But the majority of the piece is black.
Another abstract piece with a strong use of black. The black outlines the majority of the piece; however, the two horizontal lines draw your attention to them.
I love this piece. It shows solitude in the woods. If this were depicted in the daytime it wouldn't have the same impact. She is alone at night. It feels very depressive.
I mean, they're burning someone alive here. I'd say thats pretty melancholic.
This creation of adam is much different than the Michelangelo everyone is so familiar with. It is much, much darker. It almost makes it feel like the creation of man is a truly negative thing.
This is a really cool piece. The entire background is solid black. It brings the focus right to the foreground. My inner world. The piece truly captures the name.
This is the darkest van Gogh I have ever seen. The flowers are wilting. It just has a general feeling of dread. I love it.
This representation of an indian figure appears very angry. It's use of black is in very stark contrast to the red.
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