Dinner For Five

By: Sterling Tucker

This is the place were Anne Frank and her family and friends lived during the war. I chose this place because it is a historic place in history and it is a very beautiful place to be. This house kept them safe from german soldiers. ~The meal that I will be serving is catered by The Cheesecake Factory. ~ I will be serving twisted chips for an appetizer. ~ Chicken sliders as a main dish with a side of mashed potatoes. ~ And to tie it all together I am serving them oreo cheesecake for dessert
I invited Anne Frank to my dinner because she is a smart and wise women. She was smart and wise when her family and friends were underneath her dad's work's staircase during the war. The one question I am asking her is, 'Why did you want the pink and orange journal so badly?'
I invited Donald Trump because he is a very determined man. Donald shows his determination during the presidential elections. The one question I want to ask him is, "What made you want to run for president this year?"
I invited Rosy the Riveter because she just does what she wants when she wants. Rosy is a courageous and creative women. Rosy showed the world that women in this world do matter. The one question I want to ask her is, "Why did you make "We Can Do It" your quote?"
J.F.K. is a smart and happy guy. I invited him because he did amazing and wonderful things when he was president during the war. he question I want to ask J.F.K. is, "What would you do if your killer missed you and accidentally killed your wife instead?"
The question I am asking all of them is, "What do you think is the most inspiring thing you have done in life?" The one out of many things that inspires me is the bible because it tells me to do wonderful things in life.
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