Musical Beauty- Casey Coffey

This gallery is intended to show the beauty and craftsmanship of musical instruments from different parts and time eras throughout the world. This gallery will also show the talent of the people who have created these pieces.  

This piece is a very simple but beautiful instrument. The creator decided to put elegant style legs for this symphonium. This piece was a more advanced instrument for the time era.
This is a beautiful piece of work with beautiful art work on the instrument. The little legs that are on this instrument gives the piece a more artistic feel. The string holder on this sets it apart from other instruments similar to this one.
This saxhorn is a very elegant piece with the combination of a trombone and trumpet style valves. It is also printed with a symbol on the bell of this instrument. It also has a unique sound from the bigger bell.
The wood work on this piece is well crafted by hand. It was crafted by hand including the pedals for the pitch changes. The woodwork on the top is elegantly crafted with artwork carved into the wood.
This is a beautiful piece of music instruments. The dark wood gives this a calming feeling while playing and listening to this instrument. The cover on the bottom gives it great sight appeal and can also double as an art piece in a house.
This instrument is an amazing work of art with the extensive pipes and valves along with the multiple bells for different tones and pitches. All of the pipes that are intertwined within itself is an amazing piece of art work.
This is a beautiful piece of art with the engravings in the side of this instrument. Each of the tubes for this instrument are cut in a precise way so that different pipes will give the sound different tones. Each of the pipes were handmade for the most accurate tones.
This is a beautiful piece of art with the bell of the instrument looking like an angry fish. The curves of the pipes are also rolled in such a way that it is able to fit against the body under the arm of the player.
This is an elegant piece with gold plates on the side and on the legs. It also has rope wrapped around the tail end with frayed stings coming from the rope. It is a very Meticulously hand built piece from wood that is rolled and carved.
This is a very simple but amazing piece of art and instruments. It has its own very unique sound with the hole in the bottom. It also has distinct blue colors on the neck and on the ball of this instrument.
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