20th Century women of pop culture imagery (Albert roberts)

This online gallery was assembled in an effort to balance a historical preservation of accurate information with a fitting tribute to a common theme. Here, it is the use of female imagery and likeness in "modern" 20th century/ "pop culture" considerations of art.

This is a stunning piece, which was meant to immortalize one of the most most recognizable female faces of the 20th Century. Instead, though, a lack of detail implies more than is actually seen.
In his clearly recognizable style, Andy Warhol depicts two stunning likeness of females that seem to both gaze right into the eyes of the viewer. The colors are bold and different, and there is depth.
Simplicity, symmetry and bold, crisp colors are what stand out in this piece by Cardenas. Its demonstration of clean lines and implied movements is what makes it hard not to stare at.
This whimsical piece uses color and striking contrast in its use, in order to create a whimsical, other-worldly feel in the subjects depicted. It feels as if we are as lost in dreams as the subject is.
This stunning piece imbues a sense of "being lost in the system." It has a very "Apple" look, perhaps due to the colors. But it comes across as how we essentially can feel like " a number."
Simple. Striking, Life like. This sculpture seems to have captured the complete essence of a woman looking right back us. She has a modern looks with a very classical twist.
This piece is a head-turner, for sure. It is realistic, almost hauntingly so. The painting captures the wisdom and demonstrable pride of the woman (in her plate) but a sadness also comes across. The color, perspective and contrast are what this one seem alive.
This is a combination of photography which incorporates 2-d and 3-d art. The woman is carrying a wagon of limes. There is a simulated golf course through which she traverses.
A modern homage to the definite "pop art look" of days long ago. The vintage "feel" of comic strip type art, to this day, conjures up nostalgic feelings in the viewer, regardless of age.
This incredible portrait captures the woman seen in a life like manner. It seems to hint at the art style of the early 20th century, while simultaneously giving a tip of the hat to religious art as well.
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