ornate eggs in art

Humans have been consuming eggs for millions of years. This consumption has changed from scavenging eggs from nests, to family owned chickens, all the way to a worldwide industry of egg farming. I think this demonstrates agricultural progroThis gallery showcases the use of eggs in art throughout history. 

This egg was decorated in prehistoric style. I thought this egg demonstrated how important they were even long long ago.
This is the only egg in this collection that has functionality in addition to being decorative. I think that it's interesting that the artist of this saw an additional purpose for humans.
I liked this egg because a chicken was featured in the art, glorifying the animals that make the eggs that people eat.
This is one of 43 surviving Fabergé eggs. The detail and intricacy that went into the creation of all of these astounds me almost as much as the fact that he had the idea to decorate eggs as art.
I loved the contrast that something so important as the palace could be placed within the shelter of something as fragile as an egg.
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