A Divine Mother- Kendra Burns

This gallery depicts the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis in painting and sculpture.

This statue of Isis depicts her holding her infant son, Horus, with hieroglyphics surrounding the base of the statue.
The goddess Isis is leading an Egyptian Queen into what seems to be the afterlife. This depiction is two-dimensional and Isis is depicted in lighter tones for skin color and darker for hair and dress to make her contrast the queen.
The Bust of Isis shows the top half of Isis with a headdress of flowers. The headdress is meant to grab the viewer's attention and have the viewer's eyes go down the bust.
This painted panel of Isis shows her looking off into the distance. It is painted in a Roman style .
This Roman styled statuette of the goddess Isis mixes her with the Roman goddess of fortune, Fortuna.
The breast plate depicts Isis and her sister Nephtys with a scarab centered. The sisters though smaller than the beatle stand out due to the use of lighter blue for skin tone against the gold of the breast plate.
This statue shows Isis protecting her husband Osiris, one of Egypt's gods of the dead. Isis is shows to be bigger than her husband thus drawing one's eyes away from Osiris to his wife. Osiris is depicted as smaller to show that he is in a weaker state.
This winged version of Isis shows her arms extended and wings flowing from her back to make her the primary focus of the piece. She is centered while the wings fill up the space surrounding her.
This image of Isis shows the use of lines to direct the eye to her face which is smooth compared to her hair and breast plate.
This small figurine of the goddess Isis is in the Greco-Roman style. Showing Isis standing tall and dignified.
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