Joshua Becker


Shape. Shape is a 2 dimensional area. This shows shape because it has squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles.
Color Color is relfected light that your eyes see. This piece of art has a black and gold color.
Space Area in and around an object. This has line because the piece of art has decorations on it making it have positive space and the area around the objects in the decorations is negative space.
Value Vakue is how light to how dark something is. This has value because it starts off light then gets darker as it goes farther back.
Texture How something feels or looks like it would feel This has texture because there are spikes all around it.
Pattern repeating elements This has pattern because it has a repeating pattern of light and dark colors.
Form 3-Dimensional area This has form because the shading makes it look like it is 3-D.
Line a path that a dot follows This has line because it has short, thick, curved, and straight lines.
Movement. Movement is actual or visual motion or action. This shows movement because there is a figure that is handing someone else something.
Balance equal weight on both sides This has asymmetrical balance
Emphasis Gets your attention The picture draws your attention to it right away
Rhythm illusion of movement created by pattern This has pattern because it has circles that look like they are moving in a circle
Proportion Relative size of one part to another The handle is proportional to the body of the teapot
Variety Variety is different elements combined. It has a variety of line, shape, texture, color, space, and value.
Harmony Similarities between differences. This has harmony because the colors are neutral colors.
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