The Reckoning of War by: David Botkin

I chose the theme of World War two because I love learning about this war. Everything about it, the strategies used, the weapons, the vehicles, and the armies. I am specifically going to get art focusing on the misery and destruction of the war.  The thing about war is that unless you are in the war, people do not really understand what soldiers go through. Its quite eye opening to see the destruction and chaos they have to see.

This is a picture of an old helmet used by a soldier in World War 2. Obviously we all know this is a very old helmet but we also see the age from the wear and tear of the helmet. By the coloring of the helmet, we can see that it has been affected by corrosion.
This is a photograph taking during the attack at Pearl Harbor. This caught the U.S by surprise because no-one saw the Japanese coming. This was a very scary battle and i think it is portrayed well through the black and white coloring of the photograph. This adds a more dramatic feeling to the photo.
In this picture. we see St. Paul's Cathedral. This is in London, England. During the War, The German's ordered an airstrike on the cathedral. Their bombs pierced through the dome. With this picture, i think the dome gives us a sense of unity. That feeling of whatever they do to us, we will still be standing tall when it is over. That is shown because we can only see the dome through all the smoke.
Devastation is a good way to depict what is seen in this picture. None of us that was not there cannot understand the misery and chaos. So many buildings were beat down and broken. The really fine lines of the buildings and formation give this a lot of depth in my opinion.
This was taken in Hawaii after Japan had attacked us. We can see the row of battleships that are the US. this shows me unity that they stayed together and stood strong. They sat their getting ready to get hit by the torpedoes. We can see the circular lines in the water from the force of the canons shooting.
This painting tells us a lot about the emotions and misery from the war. From the shading can see that the people are really gloomy and sad because their town just got destroyed. This picture just shows us overall how bad the chaos was and how much the buildings were destroyed.
This is an ariel view of London, England. This photo is not like y other ones but i chose this one for one reason. When the Germans were flying their bomber planes over England, This is what they would see. Then they would drop the bombs and destroy the city of London.
This photo is of a turret operator getting lifted out of the plane to be given medical treatment. He had been shot. We can see the pain in his face and the black and white colors add to the pain. Gunners in planes would get shot many times. They are the people that the enemy aims for.
To think, this was someones home. Where they lived with their families, it really gets put into perspective that war is relentless and chaotic. In the matter of seconds peoples homes can be completely destroyed and taken away for them. Sometimes people wouldn't have time to even get out of their homes and they would die.
This is a painting about the day they planned D-Day. This was an enormous day for us and was one of the biggest battles in World War 2. I like this painting because each person is seen to be making different emotions in my opinion. This was a huge day to plan for so a ton of planning went into it. Symmetry has a part in this painting because the artist separated the room in two parts.
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