The Visual Arts

Lester Pullen 

The formal elements used in this painting illustrate the painter's subject. The column and the white dove seems to be a divider between the holy and the human. The angel's wings are different colors, perhaps furthering the subject. On earth there is darkness, but believing and reading the Bible will bring a person closer to God, and away from the darkness.
Mary is highlighted in this painting, by the deep blue drapes she is wearing, while two very white angels take nothing away from Mary's spotlight. Even baby Jesus appearance is that of a by standard. This is Mary's moment, and the two men sitting on the bottom are there to record Mary's moment.
The painter's texture gives the feeling of a dark day in history. Jesus has a crown of thorns, while an important official mocks him in front of the crowd. However, the artist illustrates that not every member is cheering. A man sitting on the steps had to turn away and be comforted by a dog. While a young girl has to be held by a woman in an all white dress. The subject is to illustrate a dark day in human history, and the actions of those of those there that witnessed it.
The background used by the painter highlights the people grieving over Jesus's dead body. The tan columns and the black corridor makes those there with Jesus the main story. The man holding the tools used to kill Jesus looks up, with a look of why. Mary is in a lot of pain, and is comforted by a man. There is a person with their head down, perhaps in too much pain to show their face. The other two women look almost at peace. The subject is the impact Jesus's death had on a small group of people.
The colors used by the painter gives tine to the painting. The shadows used by the painter makes those in the painting stand out, while also giving texture. The painting gives the impression of high emotions. At the top of the painting is Jesus, with his hand out; almost to say it's alright to the people below. The people at the bottom portray the subject, which is when Jesus leaves the people, some are angry, and seek revenge, while some point to Jesus and the Bible to try to calm the emotions.
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