Simplicity is Beautiful 

Kashif Laliwala

I chose this piece because after looking up the meaning of "LUTA" I could see what the piece was about. The simplicity of the piece is shown through the use of only a few colors and no complex shapes.
I chose this piece because of the simplicity in only using two or three colors and it makes a beautiful piece. The dripping effect looks great in blue with the red background.
The reason I picked this piece is because it was used in a real life setting like a bedroom, and still looks great. It may not be the simplest because of the many colors used but it still is simple with the design made.
I chose this piece because of the simplicity i using only a few colors. The design in the center really fascinated me because of the geometric lines and the circles on the top and bottom.
The simplicity of this piece can be seen right off the bat, with the mountain only being colored in white and the other colors used are a dull tan, but the red circle representing the sun is red and catches your attention.
This piece was chose because it is a painting of something so simple like two melons but they are painted so beautifully, and i feel that it has a meaning of putting a brightly colored watermelon next to the more dull colored melon.
I thought the underscore in the name of the piece was very interesting, because it shows the modernness of the piece. I like that the piece is so simple but still a functional piece, a chair.
I chose this piece because simplicity can clearly be seen, you can interprate that the artist was going for a rainbow but shows it in a super simplified way using dots and spacing them out enough to see the dots but still at a distance you can see the rainbow.
I chose this piece because i thought the bottles looked washed up and different sizes to make one simple shape that looks like a tree. The bottles make a simple shape even though they are not all the same color.
Everyone know this piece but never realizes it for the simplicity . The colors used are very little there may be only 2 or 3 colors used not including the background. There isnt much going on in the painting other than just the wave.
I chose this piece because Roy Lichtenstein is my favorite artist, and also the simplicity of a tab being put in to a glass of water. I also like that the piece is only in black and white that emphasizes the focus.
The title of the piece interested me because it is called the realism of a football player and i tried very hard to find what the artist was meaning by that title. I do love the simplicity of the piece with the use of just 5 colors.
This pice is the definition of simple. The name of the piece are all the colors, and those are the only colors used in the painting. It interests me because some people may say how is this art but you need to see the meaning of the piece.
I felt very interested in this piece when i say it because it wasnt created directly but the artists it was created by the US Armor Corp. but i feel it looks very cool the way that all you need is eye holes and it shows the seriousness of the mask.
This is a play on the monopoly deed cards for the locations on the board. This isnt in the actual game and shows actual items costs on the real second ave. I like the simplicity and the joke of monopoly.
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