Art and sculptures I would like to see in person

Warrior Chief carved out of Bronze displaying traditional warrior jewels like, coral beaded collar and necklace made of leopard teeth. This is a bronze relief plaque made in the late 17th Century.
This rare Cycladic pyxis is made of marble and resembles a pig. The ears and snout are in modelled relief and the eyes were made by two small cavities the feet are small stumps and the tail are in low relief.
This Crown is made of metal element. It required almost 2 kg of gold to create the crown. The crown is shaped as brunjungan and is one of the most important symbols of the kingdom. It was made during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Sulaiman (1845-1899).
This is an oil painting on canvas that displays the characteristics of a woman's face and hair made out of summer fruits and vegetables. This painting is interestingly detailed and the dark contrasted background brings out the colors in the face of the woman.
This painting was made using a mixed media installation (Diorama). The painting is of the Galleon Trade after the Spanish settlers established the colony. The artist's use pf color and detail makes this painting appear as real as a scene from a motion picture.
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