Human Figures Art

I like how the flow of her dress and background go together and also the colors the artist used . . the way the dog seems to go into the background id pretty cool too.
I find this sculpture very interesting and unique the way the artist choose to cut off some limbs.
I think the portions of the body is slightly off but it's probably the position he's in. . . the width of his legs seem a bit off proportion but i think this artwork is cool because the way the artist put arrows going through his body in every direction
I found it interesting how this is a portrait of what seems like a nude male, usually its females who have paintings of themselves nude in this position.
I love this sculpture, the artist used a very interesting material to make it and also i like the fact that its based on a painting called 'La source ' except the women seems to be laying down in a different position.
Credits: All media
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