KASHINK by sophie mcavay


Kashink is a very talented artist. She lives in Paris, France and is also one of the few female street artists in the French area. Even though she lives in Paris, she travels the world to get inspiration for her art work. The thick lines and bright colors are commonly used around the world. Her paintings always have creatures with four eyes and bright colors and thick lines.  The characters she paints looks like ogres or aliens and she only paints men. That is unusual because most female artists paint females. She knows that some people do not enjoy art but she paints things that only matter to her. She paints on the sides of buildings, shutters and other places where the public can see. She wears a pencil drawn mustache on her upper lip to add to her artist look. She first saw street art or graffiti when she took the train into Paris at a very young age. She uses the name Kashink because it sounds like an action word and also it was a word out of a comic book she used to read. Kashink loves comic books and gets inspiration for her paintings from them. Kashink paints on lots of unpainted shutters or walls in Paris. Sometimes she does it without permission but she has never gotten in trouble for it. Sometimes the person who’s property she painted on ends up enjoying the art work and does not get mad at Kashink for her trespassing on their property. She also says Graffiti is not just words and letters but can be pictures. She draws characters feeling lots of emotions that humans feel as well. She paints pictures in public because people can look at them in different ways and she thinks that that is cool. 

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