Undescribeable scenes

Some pictures, only few, can't be described with word. It is too beautiful to be imagined.

This piece of art is created in 1883, some art is very unique, like this one. That is why it is in this gallery.
The Outback of Oz is a dry place. This painting is a good description of it.
This painting stands out of others.
This a great painting of man made and nature combined
This artwork represents the distruction that mankind and nature can make.
This Lake and this piece of Artwork is truly marvellous
Native Americans doing their thing
This is truly marvellous
This cant be taken with a camera. Only art can recorded with art.
There is nothing to say about this artwork, it is beautiful, thats all i can say.
Nature is AWESoME
...Truly marvellous
Amazing... Can't describe anymore.
This Art work shows a beautiful mountains with a lovely lake.
A mavellous snapshot.
This artwork shows a scene of beaty and war.
Truly Amazing....
This is also a undescribable scene because you can't imagine of all of this horror.
How do people do this??
The beatiful countryside. Not many humans, only nature.
There are so many marvellous sights on earth.
People and crops
The country side is a great place. You can travel there with this painting.
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