Light and dark

Artwork that uses color to show the contrast of light and dark.

This image uses color to portray shadows and different lighting effects through the tint and brightness of the colors
This image uses color to portray the feel of being inside in a dark room through the contrast of going from darker to lighter colors and tints.
This image similar to the previous one uses color to portray shadow and give the illusion of being inside but also uses this light contrast to give focus to the people in the foreground.
This image uses the contrast of light and dark to give the appearance of afternoon thorough the colors and tints used.
The darker tints and colors are used to create shadows adding real appearance to the artwork.
The artwork uses bright color and tints to make the moon and starts seem bright and almost illuminating creating a great contrast to the night sky.
The artist uses color and tints to create the illusion of being indoors, by having the brighter colors and tins closest to the window and progressively getting darker.
In this piece color is used to simulate the light and dark contrast of a sky with dark stormy clouds slowly rolling in. It does this through using dark colors slowly changing to light creating a cool color contrast.
This piece again tries to convey the idea of contrasting the dark of being inside with the bright light from outside, by creating a cool effect of the colors growing fainter and darker as they move away from the window.
This piece uses the idea of using light and dark contrast to give the appearance of shadows and bright light, they do this with the sun seeming to either be setting or rising with the orange and red colors in the clouds.
This piece uses the contrast to give the illusion that the fire is reflecting of the peoples faces by giving them an orange tint and making there colors seem brighter then those in the background.
The artists uses color and tint to show that the piece is occurring during the day by making it appear that the sun is high in the sky through the shadows being cast and the tops of the building being the brightest.
The artwork uses color to show that the sun is either rising or falling by making every thing a darker color except for a few clouds showing the sun is rising or falling.
The artist uses light and dark contrast through fires smoke slowly getting lighter as it moves away from its source showing it slowly moving away.
This piece uses color to show that it is occurring during afternoon or morning from the dark tints and colors it uses.
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