Harlem Renaissance

Many African Americans migrated to Harlem at the end of World War 1. Harlem was the heart of African American culture including, drawing, artist, and musicians. The Harlem Renaissance formed a lot of what African American culture is today.

This is a picture of Fats Waller at work while smiling at the camera.Fats Waller was an African American pianist. Fats Waller collaborated with many different jazz artist during the Harlem Rennaisance
This is a picture of a white couple dancer to a type of entertainment and music called Vaudeville. This particular Vaudeville was consisted mostly of African American song and entertainment. Charles Demuth,the artist of this painting, was a famous water colorist.
This is a picture of Louis Armstrong at work. He is singing and playing the trumpet in a Harlem theater. Louis Armstrong was one of the greatest jazz players of all time.
This is a picture of an African American jazz group playing in front of their fans.Jazz was a huge part of the explosion of culture within the African American Harlem Renaissance.
This is a group of jazz players looking at their composer Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong was one of the great composers during the Harlem Renaissance and even still today.
This is a picture of Langston Hughes thinking about of to write. Langston Hughes was one of the best poets, novelists, and activists of our time. He also wrote jazz poetry.
This was a portrait of Aaron Douglas. Douglas was a painter who usually painted life and struggles of African Americans. There were many African Americans painters during the Harlem Renaissance.
This was a picture of a jazz band playing in concert in Harlem. Jazz was a huge part of the Harlem Renaissance. The painter, Edward Burra was a famous English painter, draughtsman, and printmaker during the Harlem Rennaissance.
This was a picture of a Black family household in Harlem on Christmas. Black families who lived in Harlem were The painter of this picture was a famous painter during the Harlem Renaissance.
This was a picture of an African American couple drinking some coffee at the coffee shoppe in Harlem. You might not have noticed that the woman in this has white legs. This portrait might portrait that color of skin doesn't matter. Blacks and whites can still have a good time.
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