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These are six art forms that I find fascinating. The first two are artifacts that I would like to have the privilege to see. The next set of two are highlights of art that are from the Italian Renaissance time area that I found were filled with mystery and vivid colors. The last two are styles of architect that you can find in our nations capital Washington D.C. 

This painting contain oil paints on a canvas. The sun, a village, and star lite night sky is perceived. The style that is used is Post-Impression. In L.A. Sip and paint acknowledges this painting.
Painted by oil paints on a canvas. When I first saw this I thought it was a sculpture. Yellows and browns were used for a vivid painting. Dark browns are used for dramatic affect.
Painted by oil on a canvas. This canvas was more of a decorative, in fact hung above a bed in its past life. Vivid colors and no sign of religious beliefs. One of Detroit Institutes most valuables.
Painted on a panel with oil paints. The window shows that it might have been where he lives. The young man was high in society due to his clothes and ring. Deep reds, blues, and greens were used.
The U.S. Capital Building design was picked by George Washington. The designs were inspired from neoclassical. This building sets at 55,000 sq ft and six stores high. Sandstone is the main structure.
The Washington Monument it made of marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss. It was built in 1848. This structure stands at 554 feet the tallest in DC. It also represents the victory of the Revolution.
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