I think the message behind this is really interesting. In Hong Kong, when kids are little, they get graded on their exercises by a rabbit (good) or a pig (bad). I think the idea that people are marked this early, and continue on these paths, is a cool one to explore, and I loved the block shapes in the work as well. They make it truly feel like something shown to elementary students.
I saw this work this summer when I went to the Uffizi gallery in Florence. I was really excited to see Primavera, but when we got to the Botticelli gallery this painting stood out instead. I love the colors, because they really do look like Italy. Everything is smooth and flowing, and I think the work is really tragic, too- the Venus is taken in and covered up, but also taken away and kept in.
I love clothing as art. I think it's so beautiful, because it's the most delicate, intricate handiwork, and at the same time people put it on and live inside it. Clothing makes people become others and also become themselves, and it's magic.
This work is so interesting, and the message is lovely. The butterflies on her leg and the general airiness of the painting let us feel what she is inside, and the lines simultaneously feel heavy and weighty, like they're pulling her down. This work shows who Frieda is under society- a free, flying, sad figure.
i like this work for several reasons: One, I love cats, and have three, so cat litter is familiar. Two, I think it's an eccentric, out-of-the-box work, and that's always cool. Third, I feel that the message here is that life can be art, and art can be life, but life can also be meaningless. That might be a lot to read into a bag of cat litter, but I think that it feels both depressing- look what small lives we lead- and also joyful- look, they can still be beautiful. Also there's some real craftmanship here! This looks just like a paper bag, and it's really plaster and paint!
I love: the mugginess of this photo, the dirt and the dust, the lonely electrical wires, the dark side of industrialization, and the way a train gliding off still excites me anyway.
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