By Soul Cooke

(Heraclitus, fr. 20) Fire is ever present, extinguished, sparked a new, in the creation of the world and in its end. The flames in this piece look like a flower, showing the unity of life and death.
"God is day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, plenty and want." (Heraclitus, fr. 36) Spring is the most striking season because of the visceral change from winter to summer, death to life.
(Heraclitus, fr. 62) In the Iliad there is much about the creation of art during war. Also, this idea "The opposite of war isn't peace it's creation". This painting is beautiful and it is suffering.
"The name of the bow is life, but its work is death." (Heraclitus, fr. 66). In "The Fault of Our Stars" there is much discussion about how cancer, and there for death, is a side affect of life.
Extension: I don't know why the last painting shows fragment 66. This still life also demonstrates life but since the fruits and cut flowers are immortalized in perfection it does not show death.
Fragments 80, 95. It is healthy and good to question ourselves and reality, so that we may know both better.
(Heraclitus, fr. 65) This is a drawing of light and darkness, of the universe, which is mostly nothingness. It is and it is not.
(Heraclitus, fr. 83) The sunsets, changing everything about the viewing of this sculpture, second by second. In a gallery space, with fixed lighting, it would not be the same experience to view.
(Heraclitus, fr. 102) I have been told that in Sparta the only way for a man to get a marked grave stone was if he died in war. Giving meaning to the most meaningless death.
(Heraclitus, fr. 120) I would add "- different". Each flower is different, each day is different and they are the same. In art intensely different colors can create unity with one another.
Here is an example of unity through intense colors.
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