Pieces that tickled my fancy

When I look at this picture, two words immediately pop out at me; courage and success. I like to think of these soldiers pulling off a successful sneak attack on an enemy vessel and find myself cheering for them along the way. I love how the orange and the red from the fire just glow so brightly against the dark backdrop of night, and it's reflection illuminating the soldiers.
I love the strength that this Old Woman seems to exude in this painting. I like to think that she's walked this road her entire life and no matter how old or weary she gets she will not give in. I think the sunset in the background symbolizes that as the day itself is ending so might her time in life.
My first thoughts as I look at this painting are that of youthful exuberance and absolute enjoyment. The child in the painting is having an absolute blast running and jumping on his way to do his chores. He seems to care not for the dangers around. As children we always seemed to think that nothing could ever hurt us. I envy his carefree attitude.
The title for this piece is what first drew me in. I loved it and laughed at the piece. A giant frying pan out in the hot sands of the beach. I know my feet can attest to having felt something similar many a time. This piece also made me think of the movie "Space Balls" when they were "combing the desert" with an actual comb.
I look at this picture and can feel the leadership that he exudes from the front of the group. He rides out in front and you can see that the others behind him look to him for guidance. His face has a weariness to it informing us that he's been through a lot for and with his people and that he'll continue to do it until the day he leaves this earth.
The natural beauty of the Icebergs shown in this picture is what first drew me in. I love the blue and green from the water as they are subtly reflected onto the ice. This picture reminds me of when I lived in Alaska and had the opportunity to see these massive wonders up close.
Dedication to your craft and hard work are words that immediately jump out to me. These were quite the harsh environments that these people had to work in to make sure that these planes would be able to function when called upon. I wish I could be in the pilots seat as he flies up into the sky and looks down into the field of white.
I absolutely love how the artist used the pink/red hues here. The flow from the pink down to the blue shows the relationship here of the man following the woman. She is in control and I think the overpowering of the pink compared to the blue is indicative of that. The woman in the picture almost seems annoyed at the man pulling on her robes.
This is another picture that I love because it made me laugh. Seeing the panda look out his window at the zebras definitely reminds you of the similarities of their colors. It makes me want to know if he owns them or if they are just passing by as they graze. The purple/pink lace curtains are just the icing on the cake here.
I love monkeys a lot. This simple little carving of a monkey seems to contain so much detail though. The texture and etchings make it seem to come to life as it climbs up searching for food. The devil is in the details and I find it fascinating that they were able to include fingers on its hands.
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