Happy People-(Stan Holloway)

This gallery includes representations of the many art forms of black people in happy moments or in celebration of some sort. Doesn't necessarily have to be anything big, but just a positive image of black people in a gathering of some sort. Playing cards, sitting on the porch or in the yard, at the local shop, or just at home in the kitchen. 

This oil painting represent the ordinary aspects of black people. There are many different variations of people depicted in this photo by wearing different types of clothes and different objects to reflect their personality. There are a lot of contrasting colors throughout the painting by utilizing light and dark colors.
This is a simple painting of a man and woman enjoying each others company. They are the emphasis of the painting but not negating the complementary colors used to bring out the background scenery. They are exemplified by green, purple and yellow. Even though the moon is in the background, the yellow color brings it out because of the other colors used in the background,
The "checkers game" reminds me of the guys at the barbershop. They don't have anything else to do but to sit at the barbershop, talk and play board games. The proportion of people and objects used is this painting creates a sense of distance of the sidewalk. It has shops along the side walk, along with stairs and people scattered in various locations.
This painting is as the title says. 'The Dress She Wore Was Blue'. Even though there is a woman in the painting that is wearing a different color dress.The emphasis is the woman wearing a blue dress in the front of the painting. There different places in the painting where it has the same color blue exemplified.
This painting has variations of hightop shoes throughout. There are high top boots, shoes, or high heels. The way the painting is displayed the obvious emphasis are the shoes that they different individuals are wearing. This use of the different placement of their shows gives a certain rhythm that everyone is having a good time dancing and moving around.
This painting appears to have a sense of the workers having a pleasant time at work while working in the mines. The rounded lines used in the painting creates a relaxed feeling because they are no rough or jagged lines.
The emphasis of this photo appears to be the guy playing the guitar. The title says "No Easy Riders" implying something totally different. Perhaps the other gentleman wearing work clothes indicating that they may work on a train or at the railroad yard. The man with the checkered hat could be the train conductor and the man with the red and black hat could be a conductor.
Everyone is down at the local bar having a good time. With a piano player, there is also a female blues singer amongst the group wearing a red dress which is used as a point of emphasis. Also wearing a white hat with a red bow around it with matching red and white shoes. The paintings on the wall within the painting may further indicate this may be a local sports bar.
A summer night in harlem where everyone is outside hanging out, leaning out of the windows probably because it's harm, riding through the town in their cars, or leaving church. Some people are dressed in fancy clothes while others are dressed in casual or street clothes. This painting has a variety of design elements that are engaging in many different things.
This is a painting of two men playing the tenor or alto saxophone. The lines in this painting are drawn very jagged. This could give you a sense of very aggressive music being played by the two men. Even though they have an relax expression, the music could be intense.
Credits: All media
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