Realistic Renaissance Art Gallery

By Kennedy Prutow and Ambrey Hall

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. This is a realistic picture of how they had their supper. You can see the details on their clothes.
This picture is displaying how the muscles in your arm looks. It is a very realistic drawing.
This drawing shows how nothing can destroy good people. You can see the scales on the dragon.
You can see the muscles of the horse jumping over the branches. The man's armor is very detailed.
The frame around the drawing is very detailed with heads that look very realistic.
The sky is shaded to look very realistic. You can see how the pelicans are trying to get the fish in the water.
This is another picture of how our bones look and how they can move.
The people have a different shaped head that are very detailed and a little bony.Their facial expressions are shown well.
You can see that the clouds are popping out of the picture which makes it realistic.
This picture demonstrates the renaissance era well because you can see the realism in the dragons.
Credits: All media
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