Greek Vessels Eric Galloway

Beautiful Vessels for transporting and containing liquids from Ancient Greece. Most of these are painted but a couple are covered with reliefs. All of these pertain to either stories from ancient Greece or Life in ancient Greece. All pieces are either for holding water or wine or for mixing water, wine, and spices.

Herakles and Busiris is a comical tale in which Herakles is being led to be sacrificed instead escapes and kills Busiris instead. This piece uses contrast and line to really make the imagery pop. The red background makes the black imagery really stand out clearly while the line work gives detail to the characters in the piece. The movement is quite evident throughout this piece making the whole thing look like a camera taking stills every couple of seconds. finally the vase itself is symmetrically balanced while the art is asymmetrical.
The miser is a "stage" piece in which the old miser is attempting to stop the two men from stealing his chest of goods. As in many pieces from ancient Greece contrast plays an important role using the black background to make the subjects pop out visually. Shape also plays an important role in this piece as well displaying the stage, the chest, and the actors. The focus of this piece is the men fighting over the chest and the whole piece seems to work towards telling the story.
This is a funerary urn to hold the ashes of a deceased loved one. The decorations are relief made in the images of a winged Aphrodite and Eros, also depicted are Pomegranates. These reliefs display Love and death and done in this fashion shows that the person contained within was someone whom was respected. The finely crafted shapes and smooth texture show great skill and craftsmanship. While the balance and proportion show great artistic skill and eye for beauty.
This vase is covered with a battle being watched over by the goddess Athena. On the side you can see Athena watches as two warriors battle fiercely. This is another one where color defines the line and shape of the piece. The space on this one gives the battle depth making the warriors almost seem like they are about to spring at one another and try to kill each other. The whole piece is unified by the battle being watched by the goddess of wisdom and tactics Athena.
In this piece we see a goddess believed to be either Athena or Aphrodite intervening in a battle between warriors from the battle of Troy. Line is important here as it describes some serious detail in to the image displayed. The space between each depicted person is also important as it allows for more focus to be brought to each in turn. The piece seems like it is really balanced and well thought out as everything appears to float on the surface of the vase. The pattern wrapping above and below was given just as much care and attention as the figures depicted between.
This vase displays a relief of Queen Berenike II giving offering to the gods for a good year. She bears a cup for drink and a cornucopia for food. The first thing that I noticed when looking at this piece was the overall shape was pleasing to the eye and the clean lines of the relief. the other thing I noticed was the textures included smooth to almost cloth-like draping with a clear unity throughout the piece.
This mixing vessel is decorated with the image of Triptolemos bringing the knowledge of agriculture from the goddess Demeter to the mortal world on his winged chariot. You can easily see that line plays a huge role in this piece as it is very detailed and contrast makes it even more prominent and eye catching. Focus plays a large role in this piece as you see the all the supporting images bring your attention back to the main image and Triptolemos looks as if he is about to take off in flight.
In this piece the figure of Dionysus is central to the crowd of partygoers all around him. When you look at this piece color plays a large role throughout the piece as there are several and space is important on this piece because of how much movement is being displayed around the god of wine and excess. While Dionysus is the focus of this piece all the movement draws you in and really grips you.
This amphora is decorated with an image of Dionysus and a pair of sytars enjoying drink. Line work is the most prominent thing in this piece as there is scroll work all over the amphora. The contrast of the background to the images makes them stand out clearly bringing your focus to them. The whole piece is designed to follow the patterns around and back to the main image.
This volute krater and stand is perhaps my favorite piece. On one side you have Dionysus lounging with male attendants enjoying drink. On the opposite side you have Adonis lounging between Aphrodite and Persephone his two lovers. The colors of this piece were atypical of the area it was found in and the line work was extremely detailed. The unity found through mirroring on this piece is an exquisite visual and the variety of images keeps the eye entertained and busy without overwhelming the piece.
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