Alice in wonderland

By Lewis Carroll             Docent Ellie Simonpietri

Epigraph All in the golden afternoon Full leisurely we glide; For both our oars, with little skill, By little hands are plied, While little hands make vain pretence Our wanderings to guide. I chose this one becuase the epigraph sounded like kids having fun. The sentence about oars made me think of water too. In this picture is is simple, no worries and no problems. That is how the majority of kids live their lives. That is how Alice lives too.
Universal Theme The universal theme for my book was uncertianty. I chose this artwork to represent uncertainty because it is very dark and the auctual picture is really hard to make out. I am not really sure what is going on in this painting, so that is why I chose it.
Tone The tone for my book is whimsical. I chose this painting not because I think a snail is whimical, but the coloring is. In reality, snails are kind of boring. The the artist made it fun with the coloring. Also in Alice in Wonderland, in reality falling into a hole and not knowing how to get out would be very scary. But since she is a kid with innocence and youthfulness, she made it fun.
Historical Setting For my book there was no real setting. It is a place in her head. It is in a different world where there is magic and fairytales. So this picture I chose is in a literal sense, but I really like it becuase it combined two of the magical stories. Alice in Wonderland and Humpty Dumpty.
Text to World Connection I always looked at the Queen of Hearts as a cruel ruler, because she really was. Even from the time I was little watching the movie that originated from this book, I never liked her. Then last year in social studies, we learned a little bit about Marie Antoinette and her values. I though it was more than fitting to compare her to the Queen of Hearts. Marie Antoinette had a saying, "Let them eat cake." I think that resembles The Queen of Hearts saying, "Off with their heads."
¨A Day in the Life¨ For my journal I did the day that Alice followed the rabbit down the rabbit hole. She had no idea where she was going but she went. This painting represents the book in general. It is an outline of a person but really inside it was nothing. You never know what you are going to get. Alice didn't know what was down the rabbit hole. Really though, it was all a dream.
Representation of the Protagonist If you look at the room, it is a pretty boring room. Alice's life is also boring, she mentioned i the begininning of the book that it was the same thing everyday. School then reading by the bank with her sister. But she wants pictures, she wants fun. That is represented with the color on the walls. They are bright colors to represent her personality. mandala
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