frosty snow 

The theme of my exhibition and for all these artwork is a snow theme. The artworks that i have selected relates to each other because they all have the same theme and they all tell us a story about snow. These artworks also relate to each other because the artist has mainly used plain and light colours such as black, white, grey and light blue. The snow in these artworks symbolizes cold, frosty and windy day's.  I chose this theme because i like seeing snow artworks tell a story. 

The structural frame in this artwork has thin lines. The colour of the artwork is black and white. This artwork has a sign, the sign in this artwork is snow. The snow symbolizes really cold weather.
The cultural frame in this artwork shows two adults hunting in the snow. There are two adults that are males. In this artwork you can't see any facial expressions with the man hunting. There skin colour is dark.
The post modern in this artwork shows Naive. This artwork shows mediated because it is repeating the same image in the artwork. This artwork shows a bit of kitsch because this artwork is pretentious.
The subjective frame in this artwork shows the feeling of isolation and sadness.The artist as used very soft and light colours to make the artwork look sad and lonely. This artwork can show people being lonely.
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