A Fight for Independence - Justin Olsen

A Fight for Independence is digital gallery showcasing the beautiful paintings of the revolutionary war. These paintings are portrayed from both sides, and perspectives. To show the conflict through both of their eyes. These pantings were used to remember the history and to inspire action, included are paintings which have become some of the most recognizable in history.

Depicted in this painting is Benjamin Franklin, one of our nations founding fathers, scientists, and leaders of the American Revolution. This painting is a portrait of Benjamin franklin at the end of the american revolution. He is depicted as a stern man due to his expression and pose. He is also wearing grey which could say he is more relaxed.
George Washington, one of the most beneficial and widely known figures of the american revolution In battle and in politics, and Americas first president. this is a very classical styled portrait showing George Washington's value and power. On the table beside him you can see an american flag draped over the table, which represents his patriotism. In his left hand he is holding an umbrella which means he likes to do more then sit behind his desk in the white house.
Alexander Hamilton was one of nations founding fathers, one of the most influential interpreters of the United States Constitution, and Americas first Secretary of the Treasury. He is well dressed in his dark black clothes with white shirt. His cheeks are rosy which symbolizes youth. A slight smirk that shows his confidence.
Thomas Jefferson was a brilliant man. He was the author of the declaration of independence. One of our nations most important documents. He was the vice president to John Adams and then he was americas 3rd president. Thomas Jefferson is depicted as very stern and wise. Most classical portraits either have the subject looking left or right. He is depicted as looking directly into the camera to show his Power and how wise he is.
King George III was the King of Great Britain and Ireland from the years 1760 until 1801 when he passed away. In this panting of King George III He is depicted in his coronation robes. He was either about to be crowned King of England and Ireland, or just was. King George fought the founding fathers and the revolutionists in the american revolution.
The Battle at Bunker's Hill, was an early but important battle of the Revolutionary war. While technicaly it was a loss for the Colonialists it sparked inspiration. It showed the other colonialists that a militia made up of citizens could stand up against British soldiers. In this painting of the battle you can see how devastating it was to both sides fighting. This painting is a perfect represention of the long bloody battles of the revolutionary war
In this painting is an american colonist Mrs. Snchuyler. To me this is such a powerful painting. She decided to burn her wheat fields on the approach of the British soldiers. There are a lot of extremely powerful elements of this painting such as the fact that it looks like her family joined her to help her burn their crops. also a man is trying to stop them.
Washington Crossing the Delaware is my favorite painting of the American Revolutionary war. It shows George Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware River so his army could attack an isolated group of soldiers in Trenton, New Jersey. The individual elements of this painting are breathtaking. The drive and devotion in the faces of the soldiers painted is incredible. and of course their leader George Washington was portrayed as strong, standing and confident in their success
During the great siege of Gibraltar Spain and france attempted to capture Gibraltar from Great Britain During the American Revolutionary war. There is a lot of red in this painting signifying an intensity, also showing the power of Great Britain's armed forces. The image is beautifully divided into two halves with Great Britain's halve being bigger showing their dominance.
this painting depicts the surrender of British general Cornwallis and 8,000 British in Yorktown, Virginia in October 1781. As you can see in this painting, General Cornwallis is handing over his Saber to the american troops. The american troops are depicted as poised and confident. the British soldiers look defeated.
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