Inequality Throughout the Ages 

The theme that I have chosen for my exhibit is Inequality Throughout the Ages. The images draw upon several course themes that we have touched on in VISA 1Q98, such as power, politics, perspective, and visual technologies. In each of the images I have selected, there is a dominating element present - this being a particular "ruler." The rest of the individuals or creatures in the images are passively complying with the significant ruler. This is where the balance between power comes into play. One of the images I have chosen also has to do with educated women - particularly "educating the weak" in order to create a stronger society. In this case, it is the French society that strived to be educated at this time in order to revolt from systematic inequality. Thus, in all of the images I have chosen, there is a barrier between social classes and hierarchies. Specifically, certain cultures are gaining a form of societal power over another. In many of these images, such as the Year of 1636, The Hunted Slaves, and the King Governs By Himself, we can easily detect the power perspective. The focus of the image is placed solely on the specific "ruler" of the image, which creates the power dynamic we have discussed heavily throughout this course.

Credits: All media
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