Can be created from many different materials including clay, marble, wood and even PVC. 

This sculpture created by Henry Moore in 1935 during the Spanish Civil war shows his love for surrealism and abstraction. This sculpture in the round is made of Ancaster stone and depicts the bond of mother and child. So close in fact, it appears that the two figures blend into one another. When you zoom in on the piece you will notice the intricate details etched in the stone that look like a weaving of tiny flowers together.
This resting lion was found above a tomb that was craved into a mountain side and had been covered over in dirt, during the Hellenistic period. It, along with another lion were guarding the tomb, of an unknown person, although it is deemed that the person must have been of importance to have had two mighty lions protecting him or her. The better preserved lion was damaged during its removal, but this one, although intact is missing a portion of his head. This free standing statue which is to be from the middle of the the 6th century BCE,is 1,710 mm wide and is sculpted out of marble.
This Berlin stallion is an example of a Geometric votive statuette and is one of the largest surviving illustrations of Geometric style founded in Greek sanctuaries. It was created in 730 BCE and is 160 centimeters high. It was produced from a wax mold, that was later used for the bronze cast. There are engravings at the base of the neck that join the mouth and hind legs. The stand also has a Geometric style with carved triangles on it. The placement of the statuette on the base allows for space giving it character.
This Duck Push -Pull Toy, by Alexander Calder is an example of the contemporary sculpture and "truth to materials." It was created in 1927 and is 6.75' wide, by 13.25' high and is 28' in diameter. It is made of painted wood, wire, string and nails.
Jeff Koons was famous for his rebellion for "truth to materials," as illustrated in his balloon flowers made of PVC.
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