This gallery shows how art is created using different perspectives. I chose to use mainly street art because it is inspiring to me. the reason why I chose to call this gallery inspiration is because most of these pictures inspire me in some way. Art almost always tends to  be based off inspiration. Inspiration inspires art in almost every sense.  

This piece of art, I feel, is very creative and somewhat simple. The reason why I chose it is because I feel that it might have some meaning behind it and also that it is really simple, however, really beautiful. It has some really nice shading details and the colors on this piece make it lean a little more towards the creative side of art. All of Cekis’ art, however, is very colorful and I feel that all of his art is on the creative side. All of his art can be seen as very creative and sometimes very simple.
The reason why I chose this piece of art is because it is absolutely beautiful. It is so colorful and bright and kind of shows the differences when it comes to cultures. When I seen the name of the artist I was honestly surprised because I thought that it would be by someone with a Mexican name. The reason why I thought that was and is because when I look at the background of the picture I can’t help but think of my Mexican heritage.
The reason why I chose this piece of art is because it is large and creative. When I look at this picture I feel mind blow really and kind of surprised. It kind of shocked me in a way because I feel that I would never be able to think of something that different and that creative. The fact that they chose to use so few colors and create something that awesome and that creative really says a lot about that artist.
I really felt drawn to this picture because it has animals in it. I really like animals. The animals seem as if they are in distress or really tired, however, the detail in them and how realistic that they look is absolutely fascinating. This is probably one of my most favorite of the whole gallery because the detail is absolutely wonderful. The artist, Roa, has really detailed work and not just in this single piece of art, however, this one is a really good one and the fact that it is so big and so precise is so awesome.
This street art is absolutely phenomenal. The reason why I say that is because it is very eye-capturing and it seems like it would also be very time-consuming and very labor-intensive. This painting is very dream-like and seems like something that has some real and serious meaning behind it. This is a piece of artwork that can possibly mean so much more then what is perceived at the first glance or at first sight. The tiger and the details in the clouds or dust are very realistic and very detailed.
This piece of art seems very symbolic. I feel that this picture can be perceived as something more. When I first seen this picture I thought that it was kind of futuristic art. The fact that it wasn’t flat surface art was astonishing and the first art that I have seen that kind of combines the two art styles being that it stands out of the wall and that it also has some art on the flat surface, being the clouds. I also seen a picture using the same boy in the helmet and it said “ too young to fight, old enough to die” and when I read this, it shocked me. It made me think of the old times when young boys were recruited in the army and the government didn’t seem to care if these children died or not.
The reason why I chose this piece of art to put in my gallery is because I like the metallic feel that it has and that it brings to this gallery. It seems kind of futuristic, however, I also feel that it is in some sense classical too. I feel that this piece adds something that the other pieces can’t bring to the table. The metallic feel that this piece has makes me feel that my gallery is complete.
When I first seen this piece I thought that it brought a real modern feel to my gallery. When I seen the date that it was made, it was kind of shocking. I thought that this piece was recent or that it was probably made in the 2000’s at least. This piece I don’t believe that it is street art, however, I feel that it can be placed in this gallery because it has the beauty that i feel that most street art has. I love the colors in this piece and the classical edge that it adds to my gallery.
The reason why I chose this picture is because I like that it is so simple. When I look at this picture I can see my three nephews playing outside and to me, that is a very happy memory. I love the fact that I can relate it to something in my life, it makes me feel that the picture was created for me or made to be related to and that’s a good feeling. The artist has a very simple art style, however, I feel that many people who pass by and see it feel like they can relate to it or feel that they like it for the fact that it is so simple.
The reason why I chose this piece of art is because I feel that it is elaborate. I feel that the separation of some of the art is perfect. The face seems like she is absolutely into the song that she is listening to. I feel that I can relate to this because I love listening to music and the fact that she is so into what she is listening to makes seeing her feel like you can relate to that. The symbols and hands around her might represent what she is listening to and I feel that it is a very creative method to art and the artist might have made a good point in using this method.
This mural was painted on a very important day and when I look at this picture, I feel like I can feel her pain or that I can relate to her pain. I also feel that when other people look at this picture or this mural that they might also be able to relate to it and to think that there were so many people affected by the event that happened on December 7 and this mural makes me feel that this is what this mural is presenting or representing. I felt sad and sympathetic when I first saw this mural.
I really like this picture. When I look at this picture, I feel happy. It makes me feel that things will get better. The yellow is so bright and exciting and I feel that this simple picture or simple gesture of a picture makes the picture simple, however, very relatable and probably makes people happy to look at it.
When I look at this picture, it seems really modern and somewhat really weird. The different colors and the different shading techniques are really awesome and kind of look like the shading that you would see on a real cheetah if you seen one out in the wild or something. The building in the background is kind of strange. I feel that this piece of art represents something but I am not sure what it represents. When I look at this picture, I feel kind of happy because I really like cheetahs, they are like my favorite animals, well any big cat really.
I really like this picture. This picture is not really street art but I really like how the artist chose to decorate the cans that they will then use to decorate the streets and the street walls and what not. This artist kept it plain and simple only using the colors black and white and I always have like art that is so good yet so simple especially using these simple and basic colors. The baby on the right is absolutely perfect and came out so realistic looking. This picture makes me feel inspired because this makes me feel that awesome artwork doesn’t have to be super colorful, even the most basic colors and artwork can be seen as beautiful if looked at the right way.
I chose this picture for my gallery because it is really realistic and really detailed. This is one of my favorites out of all the street art that I seen so far. I love animals first of all and the fact that they are so detailed is absolutely wonderful. When I seen this picture I couldn’t help but thinking, ‘ Why can’t we have art like that everywhere? ‘ It also made me wonder how long that it took the artist to make that because it is so detailed.
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