Rachel's ancient art museum 

You will be seeing all kinds of sculpture's pots.

this jar has two handles with floral pattern.This jar was used by the Ancients Egyptians.
This vase has three handles and its more colorful.The richer Ancient Egyptians would use this.
This bowl is made out of medal with rosette on. the ancient Egyptians would use this to put food in it.
This cup as Hieroglyphics on it and its blue. the Egyptians would drink wine out of it.
This lion holding a Vessel might be in homes for the richer people like the priests and Pharaoh's.
Shawabti is the lady of the house Sati.This object would be in a house of the pharaoh.
This is the head of a king of Egypt he is a little bit higher the the pharaoh.
Isis is holding Horus when he was a baby then he became a god of the eye.
this is the head of young horus who was the god of the eye.
Doorjamb of Thaasetimu was be in the home of a Pharaoh its fancy and it would not be in a house of farmers.
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