fun with line

Artist using line to create other forms of the art principles.

Line is used in this piece to create a form that resembles a face. It is very low in detail and only a few lines in this piece suggests there is a form to be seen.
Line in this piece is used more clearly. It is obvious the artist was aiming to create a woman in this piece, although it is still low in detail.
This piece showcases how line can be used to show more detail when creating form. Also the use of color in each line changes the mood to the viewer while looking at this piece.
This piece takes detail from line to the next level. There is more to be seen and it is obvious that each line plays an important role in this person.
Line in this piece showcases how line can just bee seen as a line. The piece is very geometric and is meant to be taken as something less obvious.
Line can show itself in many different ways. This piece shows how line can be more geometric but shows recognizable objects like possibly hills and trees and other foliage.
Graffiti takes line to a new realm. Graffiti uses line to create forms, but it is more of an expressionism art form. This piece depicts a male figure with two birds.
Line can take part in a more sinister sense as well. This piece is a clear indication of that. A face can be seen, as lines converge to create eyes, which only add to the eeriness of this piece.
This piece uses line to create the scene. Line is used to purposely show form to each object so there is no mistake on what each object is.
The art principle of line can be taken to make form or create objects, or it can be taken literal as an object that connects two points in space. This piece takes on the literal term of line.
Lines used together in such a fashion can create what we see here. It is a clear indication of a harbor with a ship and many buildings. It is a very flat landscape but it is recognizable.
Line can create a blank canvas as we see here and change it into whatever the artist can imagine. Creating a line can be the first step in detail or in simplicity.
Line has been used to create form for as long as art has existed. It once was used to tell stories, and the stories are still being told today as showcased here on a cave wall.
Line work has been used around the world to create art. This piece is based from Hong Kong, China, and showcases how line can be used to show how other culture view what they see.
An art piece with line can not get much simpler than this. It is a single line that can mean almost anything. It is up to the eyes of the viewer to take this piece for what it means to him/her.
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