Red, a high contrasted color.

In this symmetric picture, we can see how red is used to contrast with the white background to express ideas about the product.
This is the first oriental inspired picture of my gallery. As the pictures go on, we can see how red is a very present color in oriental art and how once again it is used to create contrast.
This picture is a great example of how an element can stand up because of it's color. What seems an ordinary object is now an interesting piece because of it's contrast with the background.
This is another product that stands out because of it's color and the background difference.
This heartbreaking piece by Sir Anthony Caro is a reflexion of chaos and destruction and I think the color red is perfect to express that.
This is another piece of art from the oriental culture and once again we can see how red is used to make a stand.
This bomb from ALOHA is really interesting because of it's contrast with the white background
This art piece is a perfect example of red communicating a feeling, in this case it is love and desire. The message wouldn't be so clear if the color didn't stand up the way it does here.
White and red are two colors used to show contrast and emotion, in this piece from the Korean Art Museum Association we can see that it's not different.
This red pants contrasted with a grey background really make an impact.
Roses are a symbol of love as well as the color red, this elements combined with a white background are able to show the audience what feeling they want to express.
This art piece is really interesting and powerful because the color red really stands out.
This apple is more contrasted than the background, what makes it look really interesting as a subject.
This envelope wouldn't be as powerful as it is if it wasn't for the white background and the contrast it makes
In this case, red is used to express love and passion, this color works perfectly because of the contrast with the skin of the characters and the background.
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