The true beauty that hasn’t been touched by mankind. A place of relaxation, fear or peace.  For thousands of years, different forests are home to many animals and people, all with different cultural aspects and unique ways of life. The theme of “FOREST” is to show the inner beauty of our natural resource of life through many different kinds of artworks. It shows how different people show their own personal representation of the word, forest. Some artists like to present their work by the traditional paintings and drawings whilst others take it to a whole new level and use different ideas for the same theme of forests like calligraphy or different styles of photography. We as an audience also see the different meanings and personal value to the artworks that the artists are trying to portray, whether it is to show an in-site of their culture and beliefs or as a new perspective and statement of the nature of ‘forest’ themed artworks. “FOREST” shows a new kind of meaning about a stereotypical forest with just trees. The artworks involved in this gallery are rich in different colours and styles and not just your average greens and browns.  How do these artworks relate with each other? They are simply related by the theme, ‘forest’. Some styles are different than to other but they all have relations to a forest, whether it includes just a simple item such as a tree and plants or includes the whole landscape of a forest, they all have a purpose and signifies the word, forest. 

"Bamboo Forest Under the Full Moon" strongly characterises the cultural framework. Painted in an oriental style, this artwork outlines the traditional Korean artwork techniques and theme.
"MetamorphosisIV" is an installation artwork. The meaning behind this artwork is to present the ecological style of nature in another form. Nature plays an important aspect to the artist's style.
The structural frame of "Western Forest" is made up of an oil painting on a canvas. The size of this artwork is medium and the colours convey an earthy tone with different shades of green and brown.
"Pine2" shows the audience another perspective of a forest from above. Having the ground center and smaller, we see that the trees dominates the artwork, as well as making the audience feel small.
Credits: All media
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