Renaissance perspective

One Point Perspective 

Short Lived Decoration:not around for long but brief. Architectural Design:the design of buildings and urban landscapes. Mastery:is the comprehensive knowledge or skill in a certain subject. Stage Set: scenery and properties designed and arranged for a particular scene in a play.
Panel: a flat or curved component that forms or is set into the surface of a door, wall, or ceiling. Central Perspective: is governed by a single vanishing point. Illusion: a thing that is likely to be wrongly perceived by the senses. Spacial Relationships: how some object is located in space in relation to some reference object.
Depictions:the action or result of depicting something, especially in art. Variants: a version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard. Concurrent:happening at the same times. Parallels: a person or thing that is similar to another.
Composition: a work of literature, music, or art
Harmonious: tuneful, not discordant. Spirituality: the praxis and process of personal transformation.
Watercolors: paint made with water-soluble binder such as gum arabic.
Foreground: a part of the view that is closest to the observer. Background: a part of the view that is farthest away to the observer. Method: the procedures and techniques of a piece of work. Pictorial Technique: something illustrated or expressed in pictures.
Artistic Residency: a place where artist go and become more skilled artist.
Unprettified: not pretty and not very accurate. Renderings: is the process of generating an image from a 2d or 3d model. Impressionism: a style or movement in painting originating from France.
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