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Use of Chiaroscuro in Renaissance Portraiture.

a) The clothing the subject is wearing shows he is most likely the artist showing his skill. The clothes are not high end so he is not trying show off his wealth. b) The background objects are most likely to show off his skills or to show his religion. The painting is called "Self Portrait as the Apostle of Paul." The Apostle Paul, originally known as Saul of Tarsus, was an Apostle who taught the gospel of Christ to the first-century world. The artist may be reading his teaching or is trying to resemble him in some way. c) The artist most likely wants to show his faith and skill in the arts. The artist shows chiaroscuro which can be very complicated because it shows the light and darkness around them. The artist expresses how he is very serious about his religion. d) I have heard of the artist and this is a self portrait. The painting does give you a sense of the artist's personality. The artist likes to walk in other people's shoes. The title says "as the Apostle Paul" which means he is trying to show himself as the Apostle Paul.
a)The clothing looks very luxurious so the subject looks very important. The subject looks as if she is showing her power. Due to the title "Portrait of Queen Elizabeth 1" it makes sense that she is showing off her power. b)The background tells us that she was indeed very wealthy and powerful. The shadow in the background is another example of chiaroscuro which means she picked a very talented artist which would cost a lot of money. The subject is holding what looks like a necklace. The necklace is covered with jewels. c)The artist wanted the viewer to see her power and wealth. The artist was successful because the subject looks very powerful and elegant. d)The subject was a queen. Her name is Elizabeth and she was the role model for the commoners. She was known to be very elegant and powerful. Many were jealous of her. Elizabeth liked that. She wanted a painting that would show off.
a)The clothing tells us that this is most likely a commoner. The clothing worn by the subject is not so fancy. The clothes show how he is a young artist showing his ability. b)The background is shows a very accurate representation of a convex mirror reflecting on a person. In the background you can see the light coming from a nearby window and the perspective of looking into a convex mirror. c)The artist wanted the viewer to see his talents in the arts. The artist is not really showing off anything in the image but he is more showing the complexity of his paintings. d)This boy is an Artist and is very talented. He is a very young artist. People do not always expect much from him but he always surprises them.
a)The clothing the subject is wearing shows that she is wealthy but still is most likely a commoner. She is not making her clothing the main focus. b)The subject is standing near what seems to be a piece of paper with writing on it. The main focus of the painting is probably her talents in writing and reading. When I look at this painting I see a woman who likes to learn new things. I see a woman who is very successful in the arts. c)The title says "Portrait of a Woman Inspired" so the artist was trying to show how she is an avid learner. I think the artist was showing her success in the arts and how she values education. d)Her name is Lucy and she has achieved a lot as an adult. She has a career in teaching. She teaches reading and writing. She spends most of her time learning.
a)The clothing the subject is wearing shows that he is most likely a newborn child to a royal family. The clothing looks very fancy which shows his wealth. The clothing looks like it had to be tailored because it is so small. b)The subject's appearance is very luxurious. This looks like his clothes were chosen by his parents. His parents were documenting what he looked like when he was a toddler. The title mentions Edward VI which sound like his parents were royals. They may have done the painting to announce the newborn child. c)The artist was trying to show a newborn royal. The artist was showing the newborn to the public and documenting his youth for the parents. The artist showed his wealth with the fancy clothing. d)The boy's name is Edward. he was born into a royal family with a lot of high expectations. He went above and beyond to fulfill the expectations. He is a great leader and many were jealous of his talents. He learns a lot in school and leads a lot of people.
a)The clothing tells people he is a man of a power and wealth. He looks like roll due to the bold pose and interesting choice of clothing. He has a dagger hanging from his belt which shows his skill in fighting as well. b)The background looks like it is a really fancy house that he is posing in. He probably owns the house. The title says it is a portrait of King Henry VIII. He is indeed a king and is a well respected leader on the battle field. The dagger is to show that he can fight. c)The artist was showing his leadership when painting the portrait. The pose is bold so it shows he takes risks. The artist captures a man who knows his place in society. The subject looks daring. The subject wanted to be shown with power. d)The subject is named Henry and he rules over England. He motivates anyone who is beneath him. He is a ruthless and skillful fighter. He led an army and a nation with ease. He is very open to the public so he shows off his leadership to the public.
a)The clothing is not really that fancy showing he is a commoner showing off the talents that make him special. He is wearing clothes that show he is fine with his place in society and enjoys a lot of other things. b)The subject is holding what appears to be a letter. This shows how he can read and write. The letter shows how he can communicate easily. The background does not district from the person. He believes he is at the peak of his youth and he needs to document it to show off and keep s a memory. The main focus is on him and his talents. c) The artist showed a man who can communicate and who values his education. The focus of the portrait is on him. The artist me him look very talented. The artist showed off his confidence and seriousness. d)His name is Hendrik. Hendrik has many distant relatives which forced him into reading and writing. It was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He loved to communicate by writing letters. He never thought about other people's judgement he was always writing.
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