Artworks of nature

This is a collection based on none other than the elements.  I feel as if the wilderness is a place of high beauty and worthy of respect.  And would like to dedicate this collection to nature and its inhabitants

Painted with oil in 1530, The Garden of Eden is an abstract, yet seemingly high resemblance depiction of exactly what the title says- nature's birth. Hence, I figured this painting to be the most appropriate to begin with. It's a religious portrait as the story comes from the bible- God breathes into life two of every species into an immaculate garden innocent and untouched by corruption.
Oil on canvas, this monkey is done in exceptionally high detail and resemblence. This work caught my eye, as I am paticularly fond of monkeys. The monkey is seen picking fruit from a small tree's branch.
This work is Aivazovsky's most well known work. It's oil-on-canvas with extremely high resemblance. It shows a few men on board a raft, struggling against harsh waters. In the distance lies a sunrise. Or pessimistically, a sunset. A message I receive from this artwork is that only after hard work can you attain your dreams- considering the dreamlike illuminating sun lies just beyond the crashing waves.
This painting is regarded a monument of Western culture. Van Gogh claimed to see a most glorifying morning star before morning from his bedroo window. He decided not only to tell others, but to show others of this sight. The brightest star in the night has been pinpointed to be venus visible from earth.
This work features a giraffe tied to a tree, with his handler relaxing in the shade. The story is that the Viceroy of Egypt presented this giraffe to Charles X in 1827. Within six months, this giraffe had 600,000 visitors. This is the giraffe in its new home.
Constable's works all depict the clouds, as if he had a strong fascination with them. He clearly had a very vivid understanding of their structure and movement, as he depicts them very well. This work is oil paint on paper on board.
Apollo and Diana have many versions of paintings together, but this depiction shows Apollo aiming a bow with his twin sister Diana sitting on a stag. Apollo is the god of the sun, of music and of poetry. A bow is a prominent symbol of his. Diana, also known as Artemis, is said to be the goddess of wilerness, the hunt, and fertility.
This painting, originally a wood-block painting, depicts a monstrous wave about to overtake three rowboats at sea. The massive wave symbolizes nature's unpredictable force and the weakness of human beings. Mount Fugi is seen in the background, as this piece is part of a collection regarding many views of the mountain.
Credits: All media
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