The use of eye catching displays in advertisement art

Advertising is very complex. There are many different techniques being used to manipulate customers. One very basic technique that is prevalent in almost all advertising is the use of eye catching displays, meant to draw attention more effectively. I have chosen the examples of vibrant colors, heavily contrasting colors, Bold wording, and the use of lighting.

This poster is a prime example of basic advertising prowess. The artist implemented very vibrant and bright colors with the red, yellow, and green. The artist also used contrast and bold type with the black text.
This poster is another example of basic advertisement techniques; It is simple yet effective. The artist only had to use two colors but the way the bright orange and black contrast make it very eye catching nonetheless. Bold lettering is a key component as well, the large "wrestling" on the top would catch the attention of wrestling fans. The wrestlers names are in bold as well which would also draw interest from wrestling fans.
This is a picture of a television advertisement. The artist of this piece uses the bold lettering technique as the center piece of his advertisement. The only thing that is really big enough to read at first sight is the "wheaties" across the top. It's so big and bright that the word wheaties is definitely gonna be stuck in your head. The woman on the box directs your eyes straight up to the Wheaties across the top. Also contrast plays a role in making the woman and the "wheaties" more prominent against the red background.
This piece strongly uses bold lettering but the main technique utilized in this piece is contrast. The completely black background makes the light blue and white stand out a lot. The woman in the middle is also displayed in a very bright lighting on top of the black background. The bold lettering is used in this piece to make a few key words most prominent. For example the word "FREE" is the biggest word in the piece and that is surely intended to catch the eye of consumers.
This piece gives a basic look at the use of lighting to draw attention. These types of advertisement are almost entirely reliant on contrasting the use of light with the dark background of night. There is also some usage of vibrant coloring by choosing to use bright green which is one of the most eye catching colors on the spectrum.
This is a more advanced look at lighted advertising. The use of lights for advertisement has created some of the most amazing night time displays in the world, like New York, or the vegas strip. This picture in particular is an example of an older form of advertisement with lights. The display is made out of normal materials but it is surrounded by lights so that it is illuminated at night. More modern forms of this type of advertisement integrate lighting into the advertisement itself with neon bulbs, lcd screens, etc.
This photo has dozens of examples of lighting techniques. I would like to point out a difference in these displays than the last one. Most of these displays are made out of lights themselves which creates more intense vibrancy than normal displays with lights simply used to illuminate them.
Counter Example. Road side warning billboards are a great example of not very eccentric or eye catching advertisements. This particular billboard does use bold lettering and contrast to grab attention but that is not focus. The focus is on the message,its not covered in lights or flashy colors because its the strong message that grabs peoples attention. Essentially it is not the advertisement itself that is ingrained into your head but its the message that is stuck in your mind. A more modern example of these are the "don't text and drive" billboards. they usually have 1 or 2 sentences in plain black on a white board, like "Don't text and DrIvE"
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