Religions Hidden Symbols 

Artist is foreshadowing, context clues, hidden objects inside the paintings to help the viewer better understand the story of the bible. Depicting the colors, style, texture helps the art come to life and teach us about the story being portrayed from the Holy Bible.

John the baptist, a follower of Jesus christ, the one person who baptized Jesus himself. Behind Him lies the city of jerusalem. The colors used on the people surrounding John are done, reason being is to capture your attention to see what type of people, sinners, social class became interested to the word of god. A hidden or foreshadowing object was painted in the painting, the Tree of Life ( Behind the baptist). Jehovah said "thy shall not eat from thy tree", the tree was never to be touched but the location was to sacred, all are welcomed to the kingdom of jehovah. Basically, all is forgiven, Jesus loves all and forgives everyone who ask for it.
John Preaching to the people about Jesus, how he exist, as does the Devil. Thought the art we see both warm and cold colors. warm colors represent Jesus, as the blue represent the evil. Both life and death, bringing more attention toward the crowd of civilians. How they will do anything to be in the light rather than darkness (Hell). Portraying how the human was made through Jehovah's perfect image, as we know, not everybody is perfect. The foreshadow of this piece is both of Heaven vs Hell, also the human was created by Jehovah.
Marten de Vos
The Tree of life, a beautiful but delicate object in this piece. All the surrounding objects are influences towards the good and the bad.
Credits: All media
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