printmaking vs. painting

Line creates value, two dimensional natural shapes.
Spatial complexity and ambiguity. Curved lines, positive and negative lines.
Soft lines through the flowers. Vertical lines in the sidewalk, and curved lines throughout the rest of the painting.
This painting uses line in a still figure, the colors are very mellow, the women are 3 dimensional figures.
painting done with soft colors, made to look like there was candlelight. The lines are soft, and natural looking. The colors look emotional, like this scene is taking place under very serious circumstances
appears to be a stone drawing, the shapes are made by cross hatching. The shapes look man made. The texture looks as though it was made with a grid.
looks as though it was sketched out. The lines look like they connect. This is a sad piece,made with cross hatching.
Very natural shapes. This painting looks as though it is a picture. The images are 3D, and there is variety in the colors that the artist chose.
This stain glass art uses many complimentary colors, and curvy lines. It is am emotional piece, because there are so many different ways to look at it.
Big curvy lines are used in this painting. The colors are quite unique, and the artist uses many vertical and horizontal lines.
This is an emotional painting. It looks as though the men just survives a storm, with their things scattered over the sea. The toned down colors represent sadness.
engraving done with many vertical and horizontal lines. This looks as though it was sketched. there is cross hatching incorporated in the girls skirt, and shading was done with her shoes.
Credits: All media
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