Contrast in paint- jeremiah thomas

To contrast is to compare in order to show unlikeness or differences. In this gallery, you will see many paintings with beautiful looks of contrast.

In this painting, there are two Book of Art books and one unidentified book. The colors are green, yellow, and red. The shadows are what really shows contrast because it really makes the colors pop.
This painting shows a boy painting an image with an instructor watching him. The painting is a brown color. The darkest part is in the shade in the corner behind the boy. The brightest is the canvas.
This painting shows a lightly lit desert in the background with a black horse, and a book with a horse on the cover, sitting on a white wrinkly sheet. I like the contrast in the shadows in the sheets.
This painting shows a lit terrain in the background with a yellow flower sitting in front of a paper bag right up close. The shadows really show some good contrast.
This one shows flowers in front of a pillow, casting shadows onto the pillow. There is also the wrinkly white sheet as well, showing more contrast.
This painting makes these stacks of books look real. The colors pop because of the contrast in between the covers.
I like the contrast in this painting because it is black and white, but most of the picture is black.
Credits: All media
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