Designs with Lines

This artist uses the thickness and darkness of the lines to create depth and form. The work is very detailed and complex even though there's only one color.
This piece is very simple and the artist uses color and thickness of lines to create a sense of form and value.
There are a variety of lines that form an abstract shape. There are thick lines to form the central shape with thinner lines coming off the sides.
The outlines on the shapes create texture and the size gives a foreground, and middleground, background. The color variety gives depth and form.
Monet gives this piece form and value through his use of color variation. The colors in his background are lighter, while his foreground is more vibrant.
The lines that make up the beard seem to flow and give value to his face. Van Gogh used shading to give the work form.
The artist heavily outlines his shapes and does not give this piece any form.
The contrasting colors of the lines creates the affect of a collage. Certain lines form to create the image of a violin and guitar. There is shading and form to make the violin appear 3D.
This work uses a combination of thick and thin lines to give the illusion of texture. There is a foreground middle-ground and background. The colors are bright and give a bright intense feeling to the art.
this work is an example of multiple lines brought together to create an abstract piece. The colors of the lines are bright and it seems to be a happy, bright piece of art.
Credits: All media
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