Wings in the sky - Justin Venegas

In this gallery you will see dramatic contrasts of light in religious paintings depicting angels. The pieces included here derive from the Baroque Period, specifically between 1602 and 1704 exhibiting the powers of the Divine.  The artists' use of light to create these religious depictions displays a great understanding of value.

In this iconic image you see Archangel Michael in a battle with Satan and defeating him. This battle between good and evil is a ubiquitous theme in art representing Catholicism. Fa Presto's use of light shows great emphasis on how good triumphs over evil.
Here you see Jesus christ rising from the dead with two angels along side him. This resurrection scene displays great contrast in lighting from the depths of death which he rose, to the skies of heaven.
Jacob Jordaens paints the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Surrounding his miracle birth, are the Shepherds, witnessing him come to this earth. Jordaens makes an explicit distinction between the Divine characters in his painting and the Shepherds. Jesus, his mother, Mary, and the angels above them are intensely bright whereas the surrounding Shepherds are much lower in value.
"The Fall of the Rebel Angels" is a depiction of the battle between good and evil. Luca Giordano displays the obvious beliefs of Catholicism in that Heaven brings forth light and serenity whereas Hell brings eternal darkness and suffering.
This is a painting of a family witnessing an angel ascending into the sky. Jan Victors uses his intense light to depict the angel and its entrance into what appears to be Heaven. Victor then contrasts that light with the darkness of earth, symbolizing the greatness of Heaven and the mundaneness of Earth.
In this painting, you see an intensely lit woman surrounded by angels holding a torch. She appears to be a young and beautiful woman overlooking an elderly man who is blinded by her brightness. One can assume that there is a clear distinction between young and old, woman and man, and superior and inferior, hence the light versus the dark.
Pieter Lastman depicts the story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and translates it onto canvas. The explicit contrast of light and dark expresses divinity versus the ordinary human who will never know everlasting life.
In this painting, Giovanni Baglione expresses dramatic lighting with the use of black filling the foreground, dark shades and brightly lit angels. One angel appears to be in armor, holding an arrow aimed at the other angel below him.
Here we see a women on the left who seems astonished by the site of an angel. There is much focus on the two individuals and vibrant light being emitted from the angel on to the ground lighting up the room. The angel being this ray of light is a recurring theme.
Erasmus Quellinus paints the scenery of heaven with a women sitting on top of a flying eagel holding a mirror on the left hand and on her right holding a caduceus with the all seeing eye above it. This brightly lit piece shows great shading and bold contrast.
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