http://araifuzuki.com/       Born in Japan in July 1977. ARAI had bad legs as a child and had to spend most of his childhood at his home. When the kids around his age were outside, playing soccer and riding on bicycles, he couldn’t join them and couldn’t be a part of the group of the school kids. After a while he started getting bullied. His only joy in his house was crayon scribbling.He was free in his imagination. When he got in elementary school, the teacher told him that he was a great drawer. He was so happy that he was praised and also started to have a hope that his imagination can be shared with someone else.He got deeply touched by a dance event that made him cry. “I couldn’t make someone cry through drawings,” he thought, and became a street dancer to find out the answer for how to touch people’s heart. As he started to learn various types of dances, he acknowledges all the dances come with rhythm. Still and movement, rebirth and extinction. This is when ARAI started taking the theme “Reincarnation” into his dances by using his grandfather’s (who had passed away) old kimono etc.After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2013, ARAI gathered approximately 100 volunteers to go painting a 70m dragon on the temporary houses’ wall in Ishinomaki City. “This act is giving a power to a plain space as well as being an act of art and is cheering up the people living in disaster area,” says Mr. Ono Takao, the president of the neighborhood association in Nukazuka-mae, Miyagi Prefecture.

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