A look into history

Each of these paintings show how America was back in 1700s-1800s. All of these works are in this time period.  Some of these artworks are self-portraits and show how people dressed and how they looked back then.  Some of the paintings are of nature and animals and shows how they valued nature.  These paintings all have one focus they want the viewer to focus on.  All these pieces of art are beautiful in their own way.   

The Battle of La Hogue was made in 1778 and retouched in 1806. In this painting there are two sides fighting against each other. It looks like both sided are struggling to stay alive.
This is a portrait of Alexander Hamilton made in 1806. John Trumbull focus in this painting is Alexander Hamilton's face and his expression which makes him seem very smart.
This painting of George Washington portrays Washington's ability to speak to others is very good. Stuart shows this by having Washington look like he is speaking with a purpose.
Sully is expressing that even though her family is doing things without her she finds joy with her chores by petting her cat. A lot of things can make her sad, but in this picture she finds the good.
Neagle wanted to show the early days in Lyon career and the tough times instead of showing just a self-portrait. Neagle expressed the humble times of Lyons life.
Peale shows a beautiful landscape. It shows a beautiful land that is very carefully taken care of. It most likely gave hope to farmers that their land would look like this.
In this painting it shows a panoramic view in front of the Palace and Garden of Versailles. The painting shows nature and man-made objects in front of the building is very beautiful.
It looks like a family is fighting and no one is getting along. They dressed very different in this time and it shows what the rich people wore and where they lived.
There is a women taking care of her two children in this picture. It shows her children are behaving themselves . The light is shining on the them because the artist wants the focus on the family.
Rembrandt is trying to portray Jefferson as a very serious person. He is showing that Jefferson is a well respected man and looks like is very deep thinker.
In this painting shows how artists went into three dimensional art. Peale tried to capture the realness of the fruit instead of making it look just like fruit in a painting.
In this painting Peale is using the contrast of colors to emphasize the red berries. It looks very a simple painting, but the longer you look at it you see more and more detail.
This painting captures how women dressed in the 1820s. It is important because people today can see how they dressed because artists decided to paint it. Peale wants to emphasize the women's face.
This painting is important because it shows what all artists valued and most likely had in their own house. It shows more about the artists than any other works. Most art shows other people, but this one focuses on the artist themselves.
The sunset in the background makes the viewer feel welcomed into the picture. It shows how the farmers would work up to sunset. The picture shows a little town after working all day finally going home.
This shows nature in Virginia. It does not look like a happy painting it looks pretty dark, but it looks like the sun is about to shine through and make everything look alive.
This painting shows a jaguar in its own natural habitat. It looks like it is about to hunt down its prey and eat it. It looks very beautiful.
This painting shows 5 birds looking at something. Three of them are looking up, but one is looking down. It show individuality and going against the flow. There is also one bird eating a fly.
This is different than all the other arts in my gallery. All the others are paintings, but this is a bust of a child. The sculpture is very detailed and is very beautiful.
On this bust not only is the face is very detailed, but so is the clothes. It looks like this took a very long time to make and was very carefully done.
The Bust is of Benjamin Rush. This bust shows that this man is very respected and portrays a very thoughtful person.
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