Colorful Women - Tiffany Reyes

Colorful Women is about exploring women in art, and all the different colors they are created with. I aim to show a range of dark, somber colors to pastels to bright, brilliant colors. I even want to show women of color from African American to Indian to American, and more.

In this painting is an older Tahitian woman holding a flower that resembles a tulip. In the backdrop are two solid colors, possibly a wall, and it is raining flowers. There are few solid lines in the painting. Most of it is soft brush strokes and the colors blend together on purpose. I find that despite the bold colors in the woman’s dress and backdrop, there is a lot of emphasis on the flowers.
In this painting is a young woman sitting in some sort of field or meadow. Her arms are on her lap and she’s leaning forward. It’s difficult to see her face because of the lack of details in the painting. The brush strokes are soft and show a lot of movement. It looks as if there is a breeze coming through the grass. The colors in the painting are earthy and warm.
In this painting is a nude woman with her back to the audience, reading a book or magazine. She seems to be wearing nylons of some sort and there is a colorful sheet or blanket draped over her chair. The colors are a mix of soft pastels with bright reds and blues that pop. There is a strong emphasis on the curve or angle of the woman’s body as she reads. Despite how the colors clash, there is a balance and unity that works very well within the work.
In this painting is a nude young woman seated at her toilet or bathroom. There’s a shirt draped around her and she’s in front of an open window looking out on the countryside. She seems to be checking herself in a small round mirror. The lines in this painting are very smooth and round. They give the subject a delicate smoothness to her curves. The colors in the painting are dark and relaxed. Everything seems to have a slight texture of crumpled paper.
In this painting is a woman holding a parasol or umbrella. With her is a small boy who is in fact her son. It’s clear by the emphasis on the shadows that it’s a very bright day. The sky is clear and blue with some wispy clouds and there is a strong wind evident by the flow in the woman’s hair and dress. The brush strokes in the sky and on the woman’s attire gives the painting a strong motion to it. You can feel the movement just by looking at it. The colors are a combination of warm and earthy, but also bright and cheerful. This is a very pleasant day in the painting.
In this painting is a Hungarian Gypsy girl, probably in her teens. She’s wearing a sleeveless shirt revealing strong bear arms. She’s lying in a bed of grass. She seems to have a displeased look on her face evident by the knot in her brow. The brush strokes are harsh and unfinished in this painting. The colors are dark and bold.
In this interesting painting is a very unusual and angular art style showing a very fashionable woman. She’s wearing a white dress with black gloves and a hat. By the look of the background, she may be standing in some kind of spotlight. The scale and proportions of the woman are exaggerated to a degree, considering how large her eyes are, how long her nose is, and how tiny her mouth is. He skull is flat and small and there is no detail in her hand at all.
In this painting is a woman dressed in some sort of over-sized red sweater or dress. She may potentially be wearing black leggings and what looks like a black bowler hat. The texture to the painting is interesting, the type of look a crayon might leave behind because of the wax in it. Apart from the wavy lines defining her torso in the sweater, the are no lines defining her face and neck.
In this soft painting is a young woman wearing a red dress and a fancy hat. She is clearly posing on a chair against a plain backdrop. There is a cloudy look to the painting which gives is a rather feminine, plush feel. It also has an unfinished factor to it. The colors are muted and dull, so the appearance overall is delicate yet worn.
In this bright painting are a young woman and her son. The emphasis is on the woman’s luxurious dress with its bright cherry red color and gold trim nearly hiding the boy at her side altogether. The colors are beautifully contrasted against a deep emerald green fabric backdrop. The proportions on the woman are a little off, clearly done for effect, as shown by her small head on a very long neck, her large torso and big hands.
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