MCA 1 Expressionism

Expressionism started in the early 20th century and was one of the beginning movements towards more abstract art. Expressionist artists tended to drastically distort what they saw in their paintings. Expressionism looked into the world of emotional and psychological  states many times creating scenes that don't look anything like real life.

In this painting you can see that Marc has drastically changed the way the world looks. He has used unrealistic colors and has sort of made many of the objects cube like. You can see that the artist is painting what the landscape feels instead of looks like.
As you can see, Marc again changes what he see when painting. The horses have white skin with what looks like dark blue shadows on them. There is also not very much detail in the painting. The grass have no texture and is more like a flat green.
In this painting you can see the simplistic form of the objects and surroundings. There isnt too much shading and the colors are either simplified or distorted.
In this painting you can see the broad brushstrokes that were common characteristics of expressionist and impressionist art. The painting also has a kind of an eerie feeling to it. You can also see that many things including the water and the mans face and body are curved.
In this painting you can see that it was made during Munch's brighter time period of painting. You can also see the distinct brushstrokes and unblended colors especially with the ground. There are also basically no shadows in the painting.
This painting is a bit more detailed than some of Munch's other works. The colors are actually blended and you can also see some shadowing. You can also see some simplified objects in the windows of the buildings.
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