Dosso Dossi Mythological Scene 1490-1542 Oil on Canvas Italy This is a mythology painting depicting the greek god Pan who is trying to seduce the nymph, Echo.
Fransisco de Goya Allegory of love, Cupid and Psyche 1798-1805 Oil on Canvas Barcelona A mythological painting showing the god of sexual attraction falling in love with Psyche.
Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen Ceres, Bacchus and Venus 1605-1615 Oil on canvas Mythological painting with the goddess of crops, the god of wine, and the goddess of love. This painting portrays that love is alive with the joys of food and drink.
Paolo Veronese Mars and Venus United by Love 1528-1588 Oil on Canvas Venice This mythological painting portrays Cupid binding Mars and Venus together with a love knot.
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